Obligatory New Years Post

It’s new year’s eve and its that time again to look back and reflect on your life and plan out resolutions for the coming year so you can become a better person or something along those lines

I don’t really have any resolutions made up yet. They would probably be the same as last years. The one thing that I can think of is to draw more next year. It was a resolution that I thought of at the beginning of this year but I did not follow through with it as well as I had hoped.

Also to keep these blogs updated. Which I was doing well with at first but after a while the posts came few and far between. I need to be more motivated.

Hopefully the new year will hold many adventures and surprises and I’ll be more motivated to do a lot more. Happy New Years to all!


needing my camera.

The inevitable has happened. I dropped my camera.

Well, I have dropped it a few times before without any consequence other than a few scratches here or there but that’s kind of how you find out how durable something is, no?  This happened a while ago. I was just coming inside from taking a picture a rainbow and I had forgotten I put my camera in my pocket. It fell out when I was grabbing for something else and it hit my hardwood floor. I thought it was fine because it turned on to check if it was still working and I just turned it off immediately afterwards and put it away. A few days later I needed to take a picture of something and the shutter button wasn’t working.

So now its at Nikon getting fixed except I do not know how long it will take and I miss it dearly.
As long as I get it returned to me in working order before I go on my trip, I’ll be okay with that but hopefully I’ll have it before the end of next month as I have things to take pictures of!

I wanted to make an entry because I wanted to write about the events of last night which were odd and a little bit exciting. I was coming home on the 351 bus and managed to stop a theft. It made me feel good, I felt like a superhero!
What happened was a guy had picked up another passenger’s wallet when he had left it behind. It was the last stop so everyone was leaving the bus. Instead of being a good Samaritan and returning the wallet, the man just walked off the bus and lingered behind everyone else. I only knew something was amiss when I saw the passenger realize he left something on the bus and ran back. I ran back as well to inform him of what I saw hoping I can help. Well the bus driver, the passenger, another witness and I chased down this man who was walking off into the street and vehemently denying he took any wallet.

In the end though, the cops were nearby and came to deal with the situation, they eventually found the wallet on him and  everything went back to peaceful times.

God, it feels good to be a gangsta.
If I had my camera I could show you how gangster I am but you’ll just have to use your imagination.

Bouncing back again

When I started this blog, I imagined myself updating at least once a week about going on’s and happenings in my life and sharing photos I had taken. I did do that for a few months but as my schedule got more hectic, the amount of posts I made began to wane. Most posts I made were always accompanied with photos because I guess I wasn’t comfortable with the idea of doing the whole “Dear Diary” thing. As soon as I tried to express any doubts or fears in my life on here, I would re-read it and find it similar to reading an angsty teenager’s journal and it was slightly embarrassing. So since I only updated when I had photos to share, I didn’t update as often as I had imagined I would. Also I would share my pictures on Facebook and posting them on here felt redundant. With the infrequent updates, I thought abandoning this blog (and my other art blog) would probably happen eventually.

That being said, I feel that it’s important to keep this blog and although I don’t update very often, it’ll just be a good place for me to write down my memories of events and sharing my favourite photos. As redundant as it might be to post the same content on several networking sites, I find a blog to have more substance than just posting an album on Facebook.

So, a lot has happened since I last updated. Well, it’s like a lot happened but things are still the same if that makes any sense.

I’m going to dump a bunch of my favourite photos here from any recent events that happened.

Manning Park

So sometime before summer ended, I went on my second camping trip with some friends. It was at Manning park which is just located a little past Hope. The experience I had on my second camping trip was the complete opposite of what I had for my very first camping trip (not to say that my first trip was bad). It was pretty much luxury camping. We had a bathroom that had running hot showers, we didn’t have to lug our things to our campsite, we just had to park and camp, no snow on the ground, we had a campfire which was good because the nights were bloody cold. It was just really relaxing and we did some hiking and kayaking. At one point, there was even a small black bear that meandered through our site. It freaked us out but nothing happened so it was all good in the hood.

The Fair at the PNE

I got a chance to go to the fair this year with a friend and it was a whole day of activities and fun. I also won a pink domo! We didn’t get to go on the new ride that they had this year because we didn’t purchase a ride pass but we shall make a point to do so next year. There were many incredible shows including Superdogs, Peking Acrobatics and Evolution of Extreme as well as the animals at the petting zoo.


I went up to Whistler again for a small wedding and this time we got to go on the peak to peak gondala. We got to go on one of the gondalas that featured a glass bottom.The weather wasn’t that great but it stayed dry for the most part. We were very lucky that it didn’t pour on us when we were out taking pictures. Happy times and happy couple. On our way home we stopped by Porteau Cove which is located just a little past Horseshow bay.


This year I got invited to a Halloween party and I decided to dress up. My costume was inspired by the Mexican holiday Dio de los Muertos or Day of the Dead. I went as a Calavera Catrina. The party was pretty damn awesome. Lots of drinking. Oh lots of drinking. We also made a cake for our charming hosts to celebrate their wedding and I was able to help out. I made little figures out of chocolate plastique to decorate the cake with. The night was a great success.

Also Fall is here now . Days are getting shorter and nights are getting colder. It’s still lovely out sometimes though, I love sunny autumn days. The leaves have changed colours and it’s wonderful to see.

Phew this is a big post, but that’s all for now. Hopefully I come back again soon.


Summer is almost over. Well I shouldn’t say that just yet but we’re on the last leg of summer and I’m trying to enjoy as much as it as possible before cooler weather approaches and I have to trade in my short shorts for a pea coat. As always, I’ve been neglecting my blog and instead I have been out and about enjoying the festivities. Instead of making little updates here and there, I decided to make a giant update on recent going-ons and what not.

I went kayaking with Jean at Deer Lake park. We walked around for a bit before we went kayaking. The trail had bushes on the side that had swarms of these little orange butterflies. I was amazed and excited to see so many of them, Jean was less than thrilled (Note: Jean hates bugs). After our walk we went down to the lake to do some boating.Originally we wanted to choose the rowboat but after observing other people fail horribly at it we decided to go with the less complicated double kayak. I was in the back and was the one who steered and Jean was in the front watching us plow through lilly pads and hit canoes. I found it quite hilarious but I think Jean was a bit terrified (Note: Jean can’t swim)

During warm days, I would often go on bike rides around town. On a particularly sunny day I decided to bike to Queen Elizabeth park. It was a terrible idea because, damn it was hot and also, damn Queen Elizabeth park is up on a steep hill. I had to push my bike all the way up only to realize that I couldn’t walk around the park because I forgot to bring my bike lock. I wasn’t going to waste my trip so I sat at the top anyways. It was pretty busy up there, lots of children playing in the fountain and there was a Vietnamese bridal party taking pictures. I couldn’t walk around the park with my bike so I rode down to the small flower garden and took pictures there. I got pretty dark from the sun that day.

I had the chance to check out the annual powell street festival this year after work. I didn’t get a chance to walk around a whole lot because I had to go to the beach right after work to hand out  samples of banana bread crackers but there were some neat things that people were selling. I also got a chance to hang out with friend I haven’t seen in a long time. YAY Japan.

For two years in a row I have attended the pride parade and have always had lots of fun so of course I was there this year. Perhaps its the crazy costumes or the never ending display of rainbow colours, I just really enjoy being there. This year was no different, the parade was cut shorter this year but it was still great to watch. This year, Jean was in the parade which made it all the more special!

 I had the opportunity to watch all three nights of the fireworks, mostly because I headed down there after work to hand out banana bread samples to the crowd. The competitors this year were China, Spain and Canada. Before the fireworks display started, Pete McLoed would hype up the crowd with some aerobatic flying. All three nights of fireworks were fantastic to watch.  My personal favourite was Canada but China took home the prize this year.





First time to wreck beach! It was a nice beach, really quiet and chill. I sat out in my bra because it was so hot. Perhaps I should invest in a bikini or actually bring my swimsuit next time.

My friend Rene is on vacation and so she left me her turtle to take care of while she is gone. I got pretty excited about this because I haven’t had a pet in so long and I love animals. Of course, I had to play with it and take pictures while I put stuff on it. Yeeaaa. Here are some of the results!

The tenant downstairs gave us some kites and we went to Moberly to fly them. I didn’t do so well on my first day flying the kites but I kind of got the hang of it now. It’s not as relaxing to get them up there and damn all that looking up puts a strain on your neck but once they are up there, its pretty much just tugging on a string every once in a while. Of course,I choose the kite with the bird on it and the tail ’cause that’s how I roll.

So that’s all for now. I get to go camping next week and I’m pretty excited about that. After camping, who knows. I still have plans to do lots of things so perhaps another Big Fat August update might happen. Hopefully I update more frequently though and make it a habit.

Always a good sign to see.


Oh hai, its me again.

I got a new camera ( Hoorahs!) I had opportunities to test it out when I went to two concerts the past week but I forgot it at home during one concert and the other concert the batteries died before the band came out(sadface). I’m kinda choked that I didn’t get to use my camera to capture the concerts (Mother Mother and NKOTBSB) They were great shows and I like taking pictures for memory’s sake. Ah well, there will be more memories to make and more pictures to take. So instead I took some pictures around the house and on my bike ride the other day. Im still trying to figure out some things but I managed to take some pretty rad photos.

Also, my father came back from Vietnam on Sunday and he brought back a box full of my favorite fruit. They’re all mostly in my stomach now but I took some pretty sexy pictures of them before I ate them all.


And that is all.

RIP Camera. You served me well.

So I have gone on a little road trip and came back with a broken camera. I am severely disappointed with this because I often like to take pictures of events or interesting things that I pass by. I suppose I can try to take some pictures with my camera phone but the quality would be shoddy. I haven’t been updating the blog(s) in a long time and now without my camera, there will probably be fewer posts as I tend to update more when I have photos to accompany my post. I’ve been rather busy lately hanging out with various friends and going to work and things. I always seem to stumble upon more events to attend; every week there is something exciting to see! I guess its because its summer and a lot of festivals happen during this time and people want to go out more. Oh how I wish I had my camera to capture the moments. I suppose the exciting part of breaking my camera is that I will eventually get to purchase a new one which will hopefully be better than my last one.  It didn’t really bother me a whole lot but my old camera use to have a little dark spot in every picture I took. It wasn’t super noticeable in most pictures but if  I happened to take a picture of the sky or any light coloured spaces, it would definitely show up.

So many things have happened in the last few weeks. Stanley cup lost, riot, road trip, my first camping experience, hiking in the snow, saw an avalanche, bbq’s, night market. I do have my last batch of pictures from the trip but I will just share the very last picture I took before my camera fell into a puddle.

Probably one of my favourite pics from the trip.  Perhaps I’ll make a separate post ab0ut the trip later.

Anyways, some goals of mine is to get back into the art thing and try to draw more often. Its really hard to keep myself inspired and motivated to draw but I really want to at least try to fill up my sketchbook. Also it was one of my new year’s resolutions to draw more (as was regularly keeping a blog) so I want to try to keep doing that. I wanted to pick up embroidery too and possibly get back into knitting. I also have to read more. I have many things I want to do and for once in my life I now understand why some people wish the days were longer. Anyways, I should probably end this post and actually do some of the things I listed. I have borrowed a book to read a month ago and it remains unopened on my desk. Time to dive into that thing.


Sun Yat Sen Garden

After work, I decided to take a little stroll around Sun Yat Sen garden down on Pender street. It’s a nice little garden to walk around if you’re ever near Chinatown. The garden is divided into two sections, one in which you have to pay to get in and one where it’s free. I was obviously in the free section cause I like free. Theres a little pond that houses a few koi fish and turtles;ducks and geese like to swim around in it too. In the springtime there is a really fragrant tree of purple flowers that bloom along with some other neat little flowers here and there. It a nice little place to escape to after a long day at work.